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For adults, adolescents and youth

therapie ruimte healing stories brussel

Therapy, psychotherapy, coaching, counseling or guidance.

Sessions can be 1-on-1 or in couples or sometimes with the whole family.Within therapy or counseling, you learn to (re)acknowledge emotions in a manageable way, gain insights about yourself and your relationships.

This involves identifying underlying thought patterns and emotions. The help request in combination with the person and context determine the methodology

Safety and openness always take a central place.


For adults, adolescents and young people.

Individually or in workshops

lichaamsgerichte therapie

 Body-oriented therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on connecting with the body (feeling emotional sensations and physical blockages) and the mind (thinking and understanding). Exploring how emotions and psychological problems manifest in the body provides insight and awarenes.

Employers, employees, managers and self-employed persons.

coaching brussels

Are you working on autopilot, experiencing resistance from yourself, employees or colleagues, not flowing as you would like?

Then it may be useful to take time and look at where you can approach things differently. Are you self-employed or a manager and are you stuck in the 'I need to know it all' conviction?

Even an executive needs to stop every now and then and look at the situation from a distance.

In this way, insight, growth and flow become possible (again).

For adults and adolescents.


brainspotting belgium

Brainspotting is a therapeutic method that focuses on identifying, processing and releasing trauma and other emotional blockages stored in the brain and body.

Brainspotting is based on the understanding that our visual field is connected to different areas of the brain, and that specific eye positions can activate certain neural networks related to trauma and grief.


Chinese Medicine

For adults, adolescents and young people.


chinese massage brussels

Within Healing Stories, Mathieu works from Chinese Medicine. In Chinese medicine, one speaks of a dynamic balance between the Yin and Yang energy states of the body. Every pathology can be traced back to a disturbance of this Yin/Yang balance. The goal is to restore balance through Tuina massage, acupressure, nutrition and pharmacotherapy.

For the whole family. Adults to newborns.

nutrition advice brussels

Within Healing Stories, Sofie works from the domain of nutrition. Her approach does not focus on calories or strict dietary rules. Sofie focuses on the relationship you have with food. This relationship is often influenced by various factors. Sofie's approach focuses on the underlying causes. The focus is on finding a healthy and balanced diet that suits your needs and preferences. The aim is to promote a positive relationship with food, to improve your physical and mental health but also that of your environment and the next generations.


For adults, adolescents and young people.

Individual, couples and families. 

groepsworkshops brussel

Group sessions are given within Healing Stories. Group sessions can be very powerful and give support, connection. It offers the opportunity to work on your own obstacles in a safe environment. Being carried, receiving feedback and other insights can generate a lot of growth and healing. See below for more information.

Online Courses

For adults and adolescents. 


online trajecten mentale gezondheid

Within Healing Stories we are developing online courses.

If you want to know more about this, feel free to sign up for the newsletter.


What clients say:

“Inge gives confidence and peace of mind. I doubtfully went to the first interview, not knowing what my question actually was. Inge immediately reassured me and after the first conversation things became a lot clearer. She works through conversations but also exercises.

I found that these exercises also gave a lot of insight.”​


What clients say:

"Sofie is a knowledgeable and professional dietitian. Her approach really resonates with me as she is against all kinds of diets and restrictions. The advice she gave me was clear, easy to implement and actually made a huge change for my family. Highly recommend! "  |  +(32)489620032  | Boulevard de la cambre 72, 1000 Brussels
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