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Brainspotting & Trauma treatment 

For Adults, Adolescents  

"The eyes tell more than words could ever say.”

Brainspotting uses the relationship between eye position and the processing of trauma and emotional tension. During a brainspotting session, the therapist helps the client locate a "brainspot".

A brainspot is an eye position that corresponds to the source of emotional and physical tension in the body. This can be associated with traumatic experiences, unprocessed emotions or other psychological blocks.


While the client is focused on the brainspot, the therapist becomes a witness to the client's inner experience and facilitates the process of processing and healing. This can be done through bilateral stimulation.


The client is encouraged to explore and experience emerging feelings, sensations, images or memories while the therapist provides support.


The aim of brainspotting is to access the deep parts of the brain and activate the body's self-healing ability.


Which therapists can you go to?

You can go to Meghan for body-oriented trauma therapy. 

You can contact Inge for brainspotting. 

Feel free to take a look at the team page.

Do you have further questions?

Feel free to send us an email below.  |  +(32)489620032  | Boulevard de la cambre 72, 1000 Brussels
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