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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."


Are you stuck at work? A conflict that seems to be repeating itself? Are you working on autopilot, experiencing resistance from employees or things not flowing as you would like?


Then it may be useful to take time to see where the keys lie to tackle things differently.

Within career coaching, we detect thresholds or obstacles together, to see what is causing them and how you can move forward.


In this process, we examine your career questions. Always in an open environment where safe communication is central and where you can be yourself.

Leading from within yourself 

As a relatively new, searching executive, it is not always obvious to find your own style. You copy what you've always seen and experienced from your own managers, but you feel it should be different. 

You feel that you are stuck in a harness of "I-should-know-and-can-do-it-all" and you just try something, on common sense and gut feeling. And then you notice that it doesn't flow.

But there is another way! I offer you a path where you take a closer look at yourself and discover which manager you really want to be.

Matthias has been working as a coach and trainer since 2015. He coaches individuals, executives and teams and gives in-company trainings on various soft HR topics such as leadership skills, group dynamics, communication, public speaking,...



Where do I find my talents & what do I want?

Sometimes we take our talents for granted. "Surely that is normal or I have always done that". The very things that come naturally to us are precisely where we can find our talents. Would you like more insight into your talents? Where they can become a weakness and how to avoid it? Would you like to know which work environment suits you best? Where you can emerge as a unique person and where your talents can best be expressed? 

Take a look below for more information.


Inge works as a psychotherapist and has work experience in healthcare as well as in the creative sector. Within her career guidance, she will work with you to find your unique talents, the context in which you fit best and help you define what you no longer wish to do, set boundaries or delegate.


Which coaches can you turn to?

Both Matthias and Inge offer career guidance.

For whom?

Employees, employers, self-employed, (temporarily) unemployed, interim workers, assisting spouses.


Inge is associated with the career centre, Jobconstruct.

Matthias is affiliated with the Inter.Mezzo career centre.


Career guidance is subsidised by the Flemish Government in the form of career cheques.

You can apply for the cheques on the VDAB website. (in Flanders and Brussels)


Do you have 7 years of work experience? (salaried or self-employed)

Then you are entitled to 7 hours of career guidance.

This is divided into 2 career cheques. 

cheque for 4 hours

3-hour cheque


The cost is 40 euros/cheque for 4 hours of guidance.

Afterwards, you can apply for the second cheque for 3 hours of guidance.

You will receive it in your mail within two weeks.

** Please note that due to the corona situation, more people are entitled to career checks. Depending on your place of residence or situation (technically or temporarily unemployed, for example).

Please contact the VDAB for this or view the website.


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Check here if you are entitled to career checks 


Would you like a free introductory meeting?

In this free consultation, we will look together at what suits you best. 

Is career counseling best for you or does your need require more therapeutic counselingYou will get an idea of the approach and what is involved. 


When you feel it 'clicks', you can decide at the time or afterwards to go forward. 


Request your introduction call easily below.

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