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Jani Pestana

Body-oriented coach - Connected Living, AgapeBelgium.

Workshop Facilitator

MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology

MSc in European Drug and Alcohol Studies.

My Story

I help people through body-oriented therapy, coaching, ceremony and integration to reconnect with themselves, with their relatives and with the world.


Body-oriented therapy means that I involve the body in the therapeutic process and recognize that body and mind are inextricably linked.

be connected. Through conversations and techniques I take you with me to get grounded again in your body and to discover your emotional world. I learn tools to continue working at home. It doesn't stop working when you step out the door. Actually, that's when it really starts.


I work client-oriented, which means that every session is tailored to you as a client. Together we discuss the best tool for the moment. That

may differ from session to session or even within one session, or it may be the same tool across sessions, to deepen.


Tools I work with: emotional bodywork, authentic movement, bioenergetics, breathwork, mindfulness, talk therapy, constellations and drama therapy and dreamwork.

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"We are all just walking each other home - Ram Dass"  |  +(32)489620032  | Boulevard de la cambre 72, 1000 Brussels
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