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Walenka Raeyen


Integrated Psychotherapy and Counseling

Breathwork & Body-Centered & Walking Therapy

My Story


As a psychotherapist, I set out with you.

Discovering step by step what you need. How can
I empower you? What gives you strength, energy or desire?

Which direction do you want to take?

I follow your unique process and pace.


Furthermore my great empathy, authenticity
and a good dose of creativity are some of my qualities to support you.


I work integrative and contextual. What brings you here? What is visibly
and invisible in your life? What are the dilemmas you're maybe struggling with?

Beyond traditional methods, I incorporate body-oriented and creative approaches into our sessions.

This may involve integrating practices such as yoga, walking, drawing, or painting into our therapeutic work. Each of these modalities is thoughtfully tailored to suit your specific needs, creating a personalized and holistic therapeutic experience.

Looking forward to welcome you. Feel free to reach out, and let's begin this transformative journey together.


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"Be brave enough to heal yourself even when it hurts."  |  +(32)489620032  | Boulevard de la cambre 72, 1000 Brussels
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