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Mathieu Bauwens

Medecine Chinoise

Tuina Massage


My Story

I work with Tuina massage, acupressure, nutrition and pharmacotherapy to treat both minor daily ailments and more serious illnesses.
Yin ping Yang mi 阴平 阳秘 describes a state of dynamic balance between the Yin and Yang energy states of the body. Yin and Yang are naturally subject to variations of complementary amplitudes. Any pathology can be traced back to a disturbance of this Yin/Yang balance.
Tui Na massage, derived from traditional Chinese medicine, regulates the balance between Yin and Yang by applying pressure with the fingers to certain points of the body's meridians, improving blood circulation and balancing the energies circulating in the body.

In traditional Chinese medicine, (tui - 推) pushing, (na - 拿) grasping, are techniques and manoeuvres on reflex zones that remove "energy blockages" or stimulate and strengthen the body's energy.

Their aim is to circulate and rebalance energies.

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