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The butterfly collection stands for transformation and change. The collection reflects the power of movement, the beauty and difficulties associated with change. All the elements in the box work on our senses and serve as a daily reminder for strength and perseverance in this transition phase.



We want the opening of the gift box to be a unique experience, so we pack the gift box with an eye for details and a good dose of love and care.


You can add your own text for your recipient at the top right.









  • The scent diffuser.

    The scent diffuser  - butterfly  - made with  100% pure essential oils in a vintage diffuser bottle with attached bamboo sticks. The essential oils in - butterfly - have been carefully composed for:

    relaxation, healing and a boost for the immune system.

    The  candle.

    Due to the mixing of different natural pigments during the making process, each candle holder is unique;  robust, soft to the touch and marble-like in appearance.

    The candle is made of soy wax with light (100% pure) essential oils. 


    butterfly  artwork stands for transformation and change. A work of art in which photography and painting techniques are combined to create a  subtle way the power of movement, transitions, the beauty and difficulties that come with change  translate into an image. The artwork may be given a special place in space as a daily reminder  for strength  and perseverance.  |  +(32)489620032  | Boulevard de la cambre 72, 1000 Brussels
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