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When lighting this special candle, the soy wax and the essential oil melt.  The space is filled with light, warmth and a soothing scent. 


Marbley, soft, velvety smooth and  strong.

By means of  natural pigments during the making process, each candle holder has its own unique flow. 

The wax with soothing essential oil is hand poured.

A poem about light and hope and a handwritten card are added to each candle.  Be sure to add the text!


With this personal  give a present  your warmth,  calm and light. 


May this gift bring a bright spot in someone's difficult moment.  




  • - up to more than 40% longer burn time
    - essential oil added, cleans the air

    - candle holder  can be reused or serve as an accessory jar.

  • - 100%  wax candle

    - 100% Essential Oil

    - Link to music list with warm sounds for calm moments

    - Handwritten personal card with your text.  |  +(32)489620032  | Boulevard de la cambre 72, 1000 Brussels
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