Let your subconscious speak for a life more balanced.

Our health or well-being is much more than just that one complaint, where we go and see the doctor or therapist for.

The habits, patterns, traditions and stories we tell ourselves can be an obstacle to a happier and more fulfilling life. Creative therapy can help with this.

Why should we need to sit stil on a chair during a therapy or coaching session?

Our expression goes beyond just verbal, right?

Our body, our emotions and our subconscious have different ways of expressing themselves.

Suddenly something floats up through music, movement or the creation process.

Or maybe, it was not just suddenly...

Understanding, expressing, tackling and building change step by step are the keys to a happier life.

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Creatieve therapie is een handelings- en ervaringsgerichte vorm van therapie.

De ervaring doe je op door te handelen, door waar te nemen en te reflecteren over de ervaringen in en naar aanleiding van het toegepaste medium. (bv. beweging, beeldend)

Bij creatieve therapie combineren we verschillende middelen en tools afhankelijk van de wens en hulpvraag.

Soms loopt het leven anders dan we willen, lopen we vast of hebben we geen overzicht meer. Door creatieve therapie gecombineerd met coaching technieken ondersteunen we je om terug in contact te komen met jezelf en inzicht te krijgen.

We bieden concrete handvaten aan om stap voor stap te zijn of worden wie je werkelijk bent. 


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introduction guide

with 3 exercises.

What words can't say.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words. You don't find it easy to connect with your emotions, you can't express them well or you are frustrated.

Children and young people sometimes express themselves differently than expected or desired. This can cause difficulties.

But also for adults, consciously or unconsciously, it sometimes seems easier to live on 'ratio' and to push our emotions away. This can cause problems in the longer term.

Creative therapy can provide support with this.


We work with different tools and exercises. Different materials are used such as: word and text, drawing, painting, modeling, movement and more. Always adjusted to the person.

These exercises provide insight into daily actions and situations. All tools and exercises are used to achieve the ultimate goal: reduction of complaints and more quality of life.



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therapy is for you?

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Below you can find a selection of the most common complaints 

- stress

- fear

- communication difficulties

- depression or sadness

- uncertainty

- anger, aggression

- obsessive thoughts or actions

- chronic pain or fatigue

- choice stress

- burnout

- just don't feel well.

Adults, youth and children.


You don't have to be artistic or creative.

After all, the creation process is only a means to achieve the ultimate goal: improvement of the general well-being, reduction of complaints, processing, insight and happiness.


first introductory meeting  - 1h30                - 90 e

follow-up meeting  - 60 min                      - 60 e

follow-up call - 30 min                             - 30 e


Inge is the founder of Healing Stories and works as a creative therapist. She studied medicine and then went on to study art at the Ritcs in Brussels. Afterwards she followed the creative therapy course and she works in the practice for zelfontplooing in Ghent. Care, people and creation remain the common thread in everything she does. During her sessions she takes the time to reflect on your story and complications.

In life we sometimes run into things. Together we work step by step in a calming and inspiring environment.

The average number of sessions per client is around four. This differs from the problem and person. Some mutual insurance companies reimburse sessions or parts of them. This changes often, so it is best to contact your health insurance company in advance.


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

* shoots possible on weekends



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