With Healing Stories I want to bring art and health closer together, because I am believe that it can provide support.


The idea of ​​Healing Stories has been in my head for a long time.
Yet .... it was a process.
You could say a struggle.;)

And there are still challenges.

Healing Stories brings together what I believe in and where my passion lies:

storytelling, health, connection and the creation process.

I believe that stories can change our vision. Where we judge or are harsh, a story or angle from someone else can make change our opinion.

If the story is right, it will plant a small-tiny seed in someone's brain.

That is enough to bring something new to life.

"Life goes fast, let's cherish the beautiful moments and let's support each other in the difficult ones."

I give you a little studio tour. Here is where shoots take place, creative therapy sessions are held, gift boxes are packed with great attention and love and where my little assistant sometimes gives me a hand.



- Owner of 4 chickens

- Nature and sea lover.

- Mother of a little energy bomb and 1000 kisses-a-day giver.

- Coffee drinker ('one more then')

- Comes from a family full of doctors

- Favorite dish: Tuna grilled Japanese style

- Medicine Bachelor obtained in Amsterdam.

- Loves getting lost while traveling with camera

- Creative therapist

- The old medicine jars used as inspiration

for the gifts belong to Inge's great-grandfather.

- Master audiovisual arts done at the Ritcs in Brussels.

- Favorite color: Aquamarine



Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

* shoots possible on weekends



Bekestraat 11 

3090 Overijse