Healing Stories harmoniously brings art and health together.

We tell stories through film and photography. In addition, we also offer creative therapy.

Our mission is to bring people together, offer support and bring invisible stories to the surface.

Inge Snijders is Founder of Healing Stories.

As her father, grandfather, great-grandfather, paved the medical road before her, Inge took to her inspirational figures and followed in their footsteps by studying Medicine.​

However, during the last period of her study, instead of determining cause of illness, Inge’s interests developed towards the personal stories of the patients. This led her to follow her heart and commit to a Master’s degree in Documentary directing at the Film Academy in Brussels.

Following her Master’s, Inge worked in television, joined different production companies, and also worked on projects for healthcare and non-profit organizations. She also followed a drama course, portrait photography and recently she finished a studying creative therapy.


She has a great passion for storytelling and during her work, she noticed that it can support and empower people. With Healing Stories, she hopes to share a lot of stories and support and empower people.


Ester van Hoorde is a young dynamic woman who lives from her heart. She brought her two main interests, art and health, together by establishing her own practice in Ghent. This made her childhood dream come true. Trained as a graphic artist and creative therapist, she offers a personal therapy based on the holistic concept. In this way she always investigates the cooperation between body and mind that ensures balance. In addition to her practice, she works on personal art projects with which she always has an eye for social issues.

Healing Stories works together with a group of dynamic and qualified freelancers depending on each project.